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Offering new wood flooring in Plymouth, MA, and the surrounding area

Increase Your Home's Value with New Wood Flooring in Plymouth, MA

No type of flooring comes close to matching the durability and the charm of premium hardwood. Tribou Hardwood Flooring & Interior Trim installs new flooring and does hardwood floor refinishing. This appealing type of flooring increases the value of your home and lets you save on renovation fees because it is easy to maintain and doesn't wear out quickly. Our services are perfect for those who are remodeling or for construction companies in need of refinishing jobs.

Beautiful Hardwood

When you choose to replace wood flooring in Plymouth, MA, we'll remove the old flooring and prepare the area for installation. If you are planning to sell your house, consider replacing the floors with hardwood to increase the property value.

Our team makes sure that every detail of the job is done properly and we are willing to accommodate your flooring specifications. Speak with us to discuss your flooring plans.

Hardwood refinishing in Plymouth, MA, done rightProfessional hardwood floor refinishing in Plymouth, MA

Flooring Makeover

For damaged and stained hardwood floors, let us perform a quality refinishing job to bring back the beauty of your flooring. Hardwood refinishing is also perfect if you want to change the look of your flooring. Call us to discuss your specifications and let our skilled staff do the job for you. This service includes dust-free floor sanding followed by the application of durable polyurethane finishes.

The Hardwood Difference

In addition to increasing your home's aesthetic value, hardwood floors are easy to maintain. Damage and discolored wood can be addressed with a refinishing job. Maintenance is not a hassle because hardwood floors require minimal cleaning compared to carpeted floors. Hardwood does not harbor dust and allergens that are usually accumulated by carpet.